Back on Track

Back on Track

The past two weeks of racing for the DJK Racing team have certianly had the ups and downs. But the outcome of both weeks have been very educatinoal to our team. The first week of racing in hotlaps we had our wheel hub break which cuased us to lose our right rear tire and end up hitting the wall and flipping end over end before comming to rest. Right there I was pretty set on not finishing the night due to the bad luck. But some very good advice to drive from fellow racers and friends helped put the car together and get back out there. I can say anough about the herman family lending a hand with letting us use their spare wing and the Demoss crew for letting us use a hub. This is what racing is about! After starting on the tail of nine cars in the fearture we were able to work out way up to third place! I could not say anough about how well the motor ran. We have been fighting motor isues all year long and with great help from Jimmy with SUP we were able to dial it in perfect.
The next week we also see some ups and downs. Finishing second in both heats was a good acomplishment to set us up for the A main, but once again bad luck strikes again. After the hear we found that the seat bracket had broke. The demoss crew was once again came to the rescue and welded the bracket back to place in time to push off for the A main. Devin started front row outside . With getting the jump on the start he lead into one before getting a slidejob put on by #44(Edwards). After settling back into 3rd place Devin ran into the slick part of the track just a little to hard and ended up spinning out. Once again elbows up he was able to come through the field and finish a solid 3rd place.
Devin would like to thank the following: L & J Enterprise, Quicktime Racing, Delta Oil, Bell Helmets, Sup Racing Engines, and VP Racing fuels. And also a big thanks to Frank Lobel ,Tom Kline,Larry Ball Jr, Jamie Ball, And Jody Hegwood for all there help through out the night.